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Natural Birch Soap Dish

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  • Natural Birch Soap Dish
  • Natural Birch Soap Dish

Hand made using kiln dried wood then sealed with food grade mineral oil and beeswax.

Complimentary care kit- Mineral oil with beeswax and sandpaper.

To care for dish:
Please, never put or keep dish sitting in standing water. Keep on counter top or shower away from direct contact with water. Dish needs to be fully dried, sanded, and resealed with wax every 3 weeks or as needed. To apply wax use a dry cloth. This is to help maintain the life of the dish.

**It is recommended to keep two dishes on hand so one can be used while the other drys out.**

Average Length:
Small- 3.5 x 4.25 inches
Large-3.5 x 5 inches


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